All our scarves are made in fine and pure silks, and milled in China. By using state-of-the-art technology, along with traditional embroidering and hand painting techniques, our scarf selection offers you its timeless beauty, value, and fond memories. The main fabrics used for our scarves include the following material:
Crepe Satin: This is light- and medium-weight silk. It generates an iridescent and satin look, and gives you a very soft and smooth feel. It goes perfectly with bright, multi-color, complex or exquisite designs and patterns. Ideal for square scarves, shawls, and long scarves.
Stripe Gauze: This is light- and medium-weight silk, woven in stripes of crepe satin, or sometimes of silk jacquard, along with stripes of silk gauze which is much thinner and transparent. The combination of two fabrics offers a broader range in style, design, and fashion, from subtle and mystic to bright and simple. Ideal for bandanas, square scarves, oblong, and long scarves.
Silk Georgette: This is light-weight silk, made in a plain weave with twisted yarns for a textured surface. Very similar to chiffon, it is the finest and softest of its kind. It can see-through and carries more simpler designs and patterns. Because of its lightness, it is very flexible to creating all types of wearing styles. Ideal for bandanas, stoles, oblong and long scarves.
Silk Jacquard: This is medium-weight silk. It is a reversible fabric with floral or geometric designs of high luster normally on a dull background. It always has a satiny look. Ideal for square and long scarves.
Crepe de Chine: It is light- and medium-weight silk, with a texture that is made of twisted yarns. Depending upon the density of weaving, it normally has a matte, suede-look finish, always goes with hand painted or embroidered designs. Ideal for bandanas, square and long scarves.
Gauze & Satin: This is light- and medium-weight silk, a combination of two fabrics. Most of time what you see is the fabric made of silk gauze accented with satin design on top of it or satin trim around the scarf, or both. It always adds more charm and luxury to the style itself. Ideal for square scarves, long scarves, stoles, and shawls.
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